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The world of singing instruction is cluttered with so many ludicrous ideas that a significant degree of house cleaning is necessary. A Revolution In Singing exposes these baffling concepts and replaces them with accurate and understandable information. Part 2 of A Revolution In Singing is Gary’s voice building system in written form; this section does not presuppose prior knowledge of singing or even reading earlier sections of the book. However, the numerous topics covered in Part 1 will increase your appreciation of the art form, enhance your understanding of the voice building process, and ultimately, make building your voice that much more enjoyable and effective.







Gary Catona's eBook: A Revolution in Singing by Gary Catona, Voice Builder to the World

His Technique Really Works

October 4, 2013

This review is from: A Revolution in Singing (Kindle Edition)

I wish I could have voice coaching with Gary Catona. My voice is getting stronger and singing is becoming the pleasure it once was. I've gotten some odd effects while doing the exercises, but those are probably all signs of progress. My range has expanded up and down and sometimes I hit a sweet spot and get a really beautiful strong tone that sound good, and also feels really good. My ability to sing without coughing had been deteriorating for decades, but now it's coming back.

Susan Johann

Good Companion to the iPad App

September 14, 2013

This review is from: A Revoluion in Singing (Kindle Edition)

The iPad app has really changed my life, transforming my high, thin voice to a very confident, deep baritone. This book helps me understand what the iPad app is training me to do. Highly recommended.

Thoomas Keeler

The Best Book I've Found on Singing

February 22, 2013

This review is from: A Revolution in Singing (Kindle Edition)

I've been singing for over 40 years and have been fortunate enough to study with some of the best. Recently I thought I'd like to tune up my voice and take it to a new level. Since I have not been singing unprofessionally for the last several years I'm a bit out of the loop. The last vocal instructor I worked with, was Judy Davis in Oakland CA. You had to audition just be able to work with her. Anyway, being out of the loop so to say I went online to search for someone who knew what they were doing and would not ruin my voice or change my sound as some I've briefly tried in the past. What I found was all the same "crp". None of it made sense for me. I don't really need to increase my range, get more power, stay in tune etc., etc and lip trills!??? I just wanted to go to a new level in my style and make my voice even stronger. After searching and searching I cam across Gary's App!!!! and his book.. I am so grateful for both. Someone who really knows what he is talking about. I love the vocal exercises, just down to the point and exercises that really work your voice out, what a concept!!!

Bexx J.


February 12, 2013

This review is from: A Revolution in Singing (Kindle Edition)

Read it! Your life as a singer will never be the same. Forget all about lip bubbles; this the ultimate method!

Juan Zacrias

Great Method, Wonderfully Written Book

May 28, 2012

This review is from: A Revolution in Singing (Kindle Edition)

I am a professional singer and have been a student of Gary's for twenty years. His method has enabled me to maintain a healthy voice and to sing with ease throughout my range. Singing is very much an athletic event, so during the initial phases of applying this technique there may be some slight gruffness (for lack of a better term). But when one begins any workout routine that is to be expected. That quickly gives way to results, and those results accrue at a steady pace. For me, they manifested themselves almost immediately during my first concert sung after beginning Gary's technique. I suggest that anybody who reports a problem is singing incorrectly, exactly the kind of thing that Gary's technique will prevent. Furthermore, his presentation of how and why this technique is correct is both entertaining and convincing. The voice, hidden inside you, is an instrument of mystery. In this book Gary Catona dissolves that mystery.


If You Like To Sing....Buy The Book

December 9, 2012

This review is from: A Revolution in Singing (Kindle Edition)

Mr. Catona is definitely on to something. His teachings definitely strengthen your voice, and gives you a voice with some substance. His techniques have brought back voices which were compromised from severe medical conditions. The book is well written and easy to read.

Vincent A. Grosso

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"READ IT! Your life as a singer will NEVER be the same!"


Gary Catona, photo by Issam Zejly




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