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Voice Builder

(APP for iPhone Mobile)

Gary Catona Voice Builder App

Voice Builder™ is a breakthrough iOS application for bringing power, resonance, range, flexibility, and endurance to the singing or speaking voice. It is the only application of its kind to be based on The Catona Voice Building System™, the revolutionary vocal exercise program for developing the muscles of the human voice.

The Catona Voice Building System™ is the brainchild of renowned voice builder Gary Catona, who has trained many of today’s most successful singers and entertainers, including:

• Whitney Houston  • Andrea Bocelli • Babyface • Sade • Seal • Usher • Shakira 
• Lenny Kravitz  • Tony Bennett •  Lionel Ritchie  • And many others


• Neutral Tone Technology™: Instead of vocalizing to a pre-recorded human voice (and its imperfections), you instead vocalize to a tone that is always in perfect pitch.

• Voice-building exercises play automatically with a simple touch of a button.

• Volume & pitch guides provide an effective visual aid in performing voice-building exercises in the

correct pitch and volume.

• Over 20 voice-building sessions for both male and female singers and speakers. A setup wizard makes choosing the right voice-building session quick & easy.

• Gary Catona guides you every step of the way with audio commands and numerous video demonstrations.

• A short video tutorial gets you up to speed quickly on both The Catona Voice Building System and the Voice Builder application.

Long considered a well-guarded secret in the entertainment industry, Voice Builder now makes the Catona Voice Building System available to the world by means of an elegant, innovative, and intuitive application which is a pleasure to use, whether it be at home or on-the-go.

Gary Catona's Voice Builder App Now Available in The iTunes Store

To learn more about Gary Catona and The Catona Voice Building System, visit

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