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We live in a mysterious world. Just as philosophy strives to unravel this mystery by employing logical thinking, the arts explore the wonder of existence with heart, feeling, and beauty.

Wisdom for Singers and Philosophers invites us on an aphoristic journey of discovery and insight through the world of singing, the arts generally, and philosophy. Each aphorism offers us a space and a time for reflection, where its meaning can be revealed to us in ever more personal ways. By opening yourself to recording your own thoughts, observations, intuitions, and even objections to these compelling aphorisms, you too can be opened to new levels of understanding of singing, the arts, and philosophy.

Allow Wisdom for Singers and Philosophers to be your personal guide to artistic and philosophical living. It will provide to those devoted seekers of beauty and truth a path for honest intellectual, emotional, and spiritual reflection.




Wisdom for Singers and Philosphers


Gary Catona's eBook: A Revolution in Singing by Gary Catona, Voice Builder to the World
Take the journey and live artistically!!


Gary Catona, photo by Issam Zejly




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