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Gary Catona, photo by Issam Zejly



Gary Catona's Voice Builder App Now Available in The iTunes Store



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"I am so excited, I can feel and hear my voice opening up and getting stronger every day, and my high notes too!"
“It's like having a personal trainer at the gym. Gary has a very specific set of exercises designed to stress the muscles that support the vocal cords without stressing the cords themselves. As in the gym, where if you lift heavy weights you will undoubtedly be sore, when you do recover your muscles will be stronger. It's the same principle.”
​“When one has a career, it's always necessary to give the best of ourselves, and to improve. I have been studying with an Italian-American teacher, Gary Catona, a specialist in an old method of developing the laryngeal musculature that influences the vocal cords. Already, I feel that my voice is changing and becoming bigger, stronger.”
“I go for voice building four days a week. It's not speech therapy, it's voice therapy, and there's only one guy in town who does it. His technqiues actually build up the vocal cord - for speakers, for singers. His name is Gary Catona, and he's the only person who has actually cured spastic dysphonia, which is where the voice completely shuts down. Gary has built my voice muscles up to where those guys can really talk. My throat doctor ran a little camera down my throat, so we could see how my vocal chords had improved. ANd the one that's working is like...Popeye. It's built up so beautifully.”
“Gary's Voice Building System is a miracle to me. Gary's techniques opens the throat and the result is a singing and speaking voice with astonishing power, range, resonance, and endurance.”
“Without him, I would have no voice. When everyone gave up on me, he said, 'I can give you a voice.' The fact that I'm able to do a play for three hours, I never shut my mouth - is a miracle.”
"Gary's system works and when something works, you should tell people about it."

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