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A Revolution in Singing by Gary Catona Available Now On iTunes Books

SING from the diaphragm! Project your voice into your mask! Sing into your head cavity! Sing out of your forehead! WHAT?? After centuries of artful singing, voice teachers continue to teach these—and other—misguided techniques? And to make this situation even more ridiculous, not only has science shown these practices to have NO basis in reality, trying to learn them actually inhibits and even erodes vocal ability. This nonsense must end!

Far too many singing students have been brainwashed by their teachers into believing in this harmful mythology and, as a result, have been taken, in short order, from artistic promise to vocal bankruptcy. It’s hard to fathom all the shattered dreams and abandoned careers—not to mention the incalculable loss of talent. Who knows how many Frank Sinatras, Ella Fitzgeralds, Luciano Pavorottis, and Stevie Wonders have been lost because of ruinous vocal training? As a voice student, I was one of the casualties of harmful instruction. “Reputable” and charismatic singing instructors convinced me that they possessed the key to achieving vocal excellence. But despite my determination to become a better singer, my voice—once naturally strong and capable—was rendered weak, reedy, and wobbly. It was only after creating my voice-building system—a program guided by reliable and tested scientific ideas—that I fully understood the errors of my teachers’ ways and was able to build into my voice new power, resonance, and range. As I began teaching a wide range of singers, and observing the spectacular improvement in their vocal quality and vocal ability, I soon realized that introducing my revolutionary voice-building system to the world was going to be my life’s mission.

Over the past twenty years, I have had the privilege of building the voices of many of the greatest artists of our time; now I am making my voice-building system available to all singers—to both beginners and seasoned singers alike. A Revolution In Singing is the groundbreaking way to exceptional vocal power, beauty, and freedom; as well as a path to a deeper understanding of the soul of this wonderful art form. If you love great singing and want to arrive at new levels of vocal achievement, then you are in for wonderful adventure. This book will be your guide on the journey. Learn from it, apply it, and then sing your heart out!Gary Catona

Gary Catona, photo by Issam Zejly



Gary Catona's Voice Builder App Now Available in The iTunes Store

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